RAAFA Certificates

Certificates Awarded By Queensland Division

Roy Hartman

Dear all today was a big day at our monthly meeting for five of our members who received Certificates, The Certificates read; as a mark of recognition of loyal membership of the Queensland Division, Presented by our past president Roy Hartman OAM the certificates ranged from 15 years to 45 years, and for those members who were not present at our February meeting their certificates will be presented to them at our next meeting in March.

Photos by Anthony Diakos, more photos will be up on the website once we receive them from our branch photographer Beatrice Cranwell. The photos below show our members being presented with their certificates by Roy from left to right.

Val Vievers                     Nancy Alderson                                          Jim Plunket

Roy & Val

Roy & NancyRoy & Jim

Dawn Hartman                David Goggin

Roy & DawnDavid & Roy


The following photos are of the above members being presented with their certificates photos by our branch photographer Beatrice Cranwell.

Presented By Roy to Nancy                      Presented By Roy to Dawn


Presented By Roy to Val                             Presented By Roy to Jim


Presented By Roy to Dave


Our special thanks to both Beatrice Cranwell and Anthony Diakos for their wonderful photos.







Photos By Vice President/Treasurer Neil Howard Thanks Neil. 15 Years Certificates at long last Tony and Sandra Perry Presented by current President David Goggin









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