Official Local Events 2017

Official Local Events: Note to all members; wreath’s will be placed at all of the following events unless otherwise indicated e.g.104 Squadron Pass out Parade, this event will not require the placing of a wreath, all other events will require a wreath this will be carried out by an executive or a nominated member of the branch.

Thursday 26th January 2017 Australia Day.

February Event – Australian National Service Day

National Service Day 14 February, since 2011 this day has been officially recognised we do so with pride and appreciation.

March Event – RAAF Birthday

Sunday 26th Casual Dress 1030hrs for Wreath placing Please wear medals.

April – Events ANZAC Day:

Tuesday 25th Please turn up to March, Cairns and Trinity Beach events .

Trinity Beach Bill and Angus Maconachie.  

April Battle of Coral Sea Cardwell:

Sunday 30th Time TBA Wreath Laying Cardwell Representative: TBA.

June 04 – Bomber Command

We all enjoyed the dedication speech that our SNR Vice President Mr William Maconachie gave before the wreath placing, Bill also included the pathfinders who were part of the bomber command during WWII, after we all returned to the comfort of the RSL and enjoyed a fabulous morning tea.

July – Event:

Sunday 03rd Reserve Forces Day or TBA Time and Ceremony.

Korean Malaya and Borneo Veterans:

Thursday 27th July 2017 TBA Wrath Placing medals.

August – Events:

Friday 18th August 2017 at 1700hrs Vietnam Veterans Day Medals to be worn – details TBA.

Victory in the Pacific Day:

Sunday 13th Rocky Creek by 0900 HRS Medals to be Worn.

 September – Event:

Sunday 17th Battle of Britain Casual Dress medals to be worn meet at 1030hrs for wreath placing. RSL 1100 hrs, followed by the  and Battle of Britain Luncheon.

 November Event:

Saturday 11th Remembrance Day 1030 hrs Wreath placing during the ceremony at the Cenotaph Esplanade – Medals to be worn.


This Year 2017, 104 Squadron pass-out parade TBA.