Australia in WWI

Dear members of the RAAF Association Cairns Branch this is an outstanding look into WWI in the field and thanks to Beatrice and Geoff Cranwell, our Association historian and photographer they are doing a top job. Below is a new addition and it is magnificent by Mr Darryl Cram. 

Photograph all rights reserved ©Copyright MR Darryl Cram Photographer.

This is new this year from Mr Darryl Cram Photographer, also a big thanks to Darryl for  kindly alowing us to post his Photographer of the Light Horsemenon and his horse on our website it is a pleasure to have such dedicated artist interested in sharing their creation with the world.

Darryl is now retired and is now pursuing his lifelong passion in Photography  magnificent photo and that is about as real as you can get, a breaf explaniation on how he achieved the affect from, Darryl Cram Him Self EX Australian Army .

Big thanks to Brian Rundell for allowing us to photograph him with his horse and dressed up in Australian light horse battle dress.  Brian who has represented and dedicated his time to commemorate  Anzac day in Portland Vic for many years paying tribute to the Australian Light Horse Regiments, and the Light Horsemen who served their country in both war and peace.  By the outbreak of World War 1, there were 23 light horse regiments within Australia’s part-time military force, consisting of 9,000 personnel.

Big thanks also to Margaret Smith who looked after the lighting and to run around with a smoke bomb which neither one of us has had any experience with  before, and being not too sure how the horse would react with the flash or the smoke bomb. The smoke bomb just makes a hissing sound so all was good; the horse took it in his stride like a true Light Horseman fs horse.   My idea was to try and simulate what it may have been like on the battle ground. Lest We Forget.

Mr Darryl Cram

Frank Hurley OBE [1885-1962] was born in Glebe, Sydney – many or his photos are online at Picture Australia at the National Art Gallery, Canberra. Some extremely rare WWI pictures From Australian War Memorial Archives 90 years on.

Photos and short story, Click on the link below.


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