RAAFA Application Form

RAAFA Application Form; after completion and the details have been certified IAW the RAAFA Constitution and By Laws, you should either hand it to the secretary if you are at a meeting or alternatively contact one of the branch executives for a postal address, both versions of the application are provided for your convenience, electronic version and the standard form, please remember to attach all supporting documentation when posting or emailing on forward it to the email address or the postal address you have obtained from one of our executives: clicks on the link below for a  electronic interactive version of the application.

Our Email Address: raafacairns@bigpond.com

Instructions for the Electronic interactive application form: Queensland Division, there are two method’s, Electronic interactive which means you have the ability to enter the required information to the application and send it electronically via email.

The other method is download this application form and using a Pen or Biro enter the required information
and send it via normal mail E.G. Australia post or hand it personally to a executive of the local branch of your locality. 

“Note” Please be aware the following Application form has been approved and is Current, this is the only application form to be used as of 30 November 2017 all previous application forms are invalid and will not be accepted.

Application Form Version [ Form: QLD MA1 (Version 5) 10 September 2019 ]
has been approved by the RAAFA Queensland Division State Council.

Electronic Interactive Application: Form: QLD MA1 (Version 5) 10 September 2019
Note Annual and Half Yearly Subscription: Individual membership Annual fee and Subscription Half Year fee: will be determined by the Branch, click on the link below:

RAAFA Interactive Application Form: RAAFA QLD Division Application Form 2019.PDF

Annual and Half Yearly Subscription: Individual membership (Annual fee: $40.00)

and Subscription  (Half Year fee: $20.00) these subscriptions relate to the Cairns Branch only other branches may not be the same.