ADF Members and Families (APOD) Discount Card

leaderboard-cams-animatedDefence Discount program – Exclusive to Defence members and their families

Dear members this is the new defence discount program and it looks fantastic we all should support the founders and enjoy the benefits that are on offer more about it at our next meeting. 1st October 2013, Canberra: Australian Partners of Defence launched a nationwide discount website to all serving and retired military personnel (including reservists and APS employees), and their families.

Dear all this is great as you may be aware there is a small annual fee, I can tell you right now as a member since I joined late 2013, I have saved hundreds of dollars remember when you shop on line or at a shoping center dont be shy ask if they are offering discount to ADF members and their familes, remembers if you dont ask you wont receive on my new renewal this time I purchased an extra cards for all the family and at $ 5.00 for each extra card that is an absolute bargan to say the least, especially if they are scattered across Australia and abroard. Remember if the shop or organisation in your area havent heard of APOD send a list of those organisation or shope to APOD they will contact them and explain what it is all about and how it works, its a win win here people no negitaves all positaves.  

Products discounted include attractions, dining,  accommodation, fashion, jewellery, alcohol and more come on each week. Check out their browse page for latest offers online, national, local and in the UK through an affiliate program called Rewards For Forces.

To become a member for 2013, membership is free, simply go to and sign up to have immediate access.

‘Like’ their Facebook page and follow to keep up to date with new discount offers as they come on board.

Please tell all your friends in Defence including ex serving members as they
are all entitled to become members in their own right.
APOD is a private organisation run by partners of Defence, for the whole  defence community, so any help you can offer to get this message distributed will benefit us all. APOD is not a charity nor is it supported in any way by the Commonwealth Government.

For any further information or should you have any queries about the program
please contact These discounts are available through a membership program called APOD – Defence Discounts Online available at

This is the Link:

This is the link for APOD Travel: APOD TRAVEL MY JUST REWARDS

Members New Card Soon: