Official Local Events 2014

Note to all members; wreath’s will be placed at all of the following events unless otherwise indicated e.g.104 Squadron Pass out Parade, this event will not require the placing of a wreath, all other events will require a wreath this will be carried out by an executive or a nominated member.


Australian National Service Day

National Service Day 14 February, since 2011 this day has been officially recognised we do so with pride and appreciation.


Royal Australian Air Force Anniversary Commemoration – 27 March Each Year, this day is officially recognised we do so with pride and appreciation to our founding member.

Air Marshal Sir Richard Williams KBE, CB, DSO (3 August 1890 – 7 February 1980) is widely regarded as the “father” of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). He was the first military pilot trained in Australia, and went on to command Australian and British fighter units in World War I. A proponent for air power independent of other branches of the armed services, Williams played a leading role in the establishment of the RAAF and became its first Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) in 1922. He served as CAS for thirteen years over three terms, longer than any other officer.

Williams came from a working class background in South Australia. He was a lieutenant in the Army when he learned to fly at Point Cook, Victoria, in 1914. As a pilot with the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) in World War I, Williams rose to command No. 1 Squadron AFC, and later 40th Wing RAF. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and finished the war a lieutenant colonel. Afterwards he campaigned for an Australian Air Force run separately from the Army and Navy, which came into being on 31 March 1921.

The fledgling RAAF faced numerous challenges to its continued existence in the 1920s and early 1930s, and Williams received much of the credit for maintaining its independence. However an adverse report on flying safety standards saw him dismissed from the position of CAS and seconded to the RAF prior to World War II. Despite support in various quarters for his reinstatement as Air Force chief, and promotion to air marshal in 1940, he never again commanded the RAAF. After the war he was forcibly retired along with a number of other World War I veteran officers. He took up the position of Director-General of Civil Aviation in Australia, and was knighted the year before his retirement in 1955.



Friday 25 April 2014, Form up under the XRAAF Banner Medals NOT miniatures, march direction for ANZAC Day and Procedures please follow the link.

ANZAC Day Procedures 2014 Procedures unchanged at this point in time LOOK for updates.

ANZAC Day March
ANZAC Day March
  • ANZAC DAY Timings For Dawn Service Remains the Same:
  • 0500 – Gunfire Breakfast. 0530 – Ex-servicemen & Women Muster.
  • 0535 – Form up in Front of Cenotaph, 0545 – Service & Wreath Placing.
  • 0600 – Breakfast at RSL. : Ecumenical Service will take place after dawn service at 0815.
  • Parade Time: 0830 – Veterans requiring transport for the parade RSL Car Park.
  • Parade Form up: 0845 – Spence St and Esplanade “Not in Fogarty Park”.
  • Parade March Off: 0915 – Enroot to Munro Martin Park down the esplanade for the Observance crematory.
ANZAC Day 2014 Service and March, well folks I expect we all enjoyed the Commemorative Services along with the very wet march down the esplanade.
I must admit and admire the organising bodies of the ANZAC Day 2014 for their prompt quick action plan for the wet, it ran very smoothly all members from the RSL Executive’s our Mayor and his staff along with the Australian Defence Force our Queensland Police Service Fire and Rescue Service Ambulance service along the Australian Cadet Forces, indeed the entire business and local community. Every one played an important role in that ensuring that the event was a great success the list is far too long to mention but be assured you are there in our harts and we thank you all, lest we forget.
Video of ANZAC Day 2014. 


Bomber Command Commemorative Service

02 June 2014 a wreath will be placed at the Cairns Esplanade Cenotaph on the day similarly the same will be taken place Australia wide at our state capitals and territories, also abroad London Canada and New Zealand to honour, to pay tribute and to recognise the sacrifice of aircrew and ground crew during WW II, Followed by a Lunch or Dinner this will take place depending on a discussion by all members at the May 2014 meeting.


Vietnam Veterans Day

Sunday 17 August 2014, Details:  Memorial Service will be held on the Cairns Esplanade from 1700 HRS at the Cenotaph opposite the Cairns RSL Club, a wreath will be placed on behalf of the RAAFA Cairns Branch.


VP Day

Sunday 17 or the 10 August 2014, Casual Dress or RAAFA T/Shirt Rocky Creek Service Commences 11:00 HRS. we ask that as many members as possable represent our branch at this event and the placing of a wreath.


The 70th Anniversary

The Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force C-47 Dakota DT-941 (VH-RDK) with 20 persons on board, crashed near Mossman on Thursday 7 September 1944.  It was on a flight from Merauke to Cairns. It left Merauke on 6 September 1944. There were no survivors. The crashed aircraft was not located until many years later in January 1989, the commemorative services will take place at the Cairns War Graves on the 07 September 2014 at 1000 hrs, after the service a morning tea is provided at the Cairns RSL Sub-Branch on the Esplanade.   


Battle of Britain

Commemoration 14 September Luncheon the following will take place.

Battle of Brittan Day; Sunday 14 September 2014, followed by a luncheon Cairns RSL, please be aware that this event coincides with our September monthly meeting. 

Please NOTE members this meeting is not at the end of the month it is on 14th SEPTEMBER 2014.

Next meeting: (Second Sunday) 14 September 2014, RSL Dress; as required or RAAFA T/Shirt, 10:30 HRS For Wreath Placing, General Meeting at 11:00 HRS. Followed by Battle of Britain and Battle for Australia Commemorative Luncheon.


Remembrance Day

Tuesday 11 November 2014, Dress Casual with Medals Form up in front of the Cenotaph Esplanade well before 11:00 HRS. Followed by a Lunch or Dinner this will take place Either before or on the day depending on a discussion by all members at the September 2014 meeting.

Click on the link below for the Video of  Remembrance Day 2014.


AAFC 104 Squadron Pass Out Parade 2014

Australian Air Force Cadets 104 Squadron City of Cairns Pass Out Parade Date and Time. TBA


Note to all members please check this site if you were not present at a monthly meeting prior to an official event for any changes to the time and venue. PS as a reminder please confirm your attendance with one of the branch executives 24 hrs. prior to the event if a luncheon or dinner is planed for catering and seating arrangements.


With all official events medals should be worn ONCE again it is up to the individual.