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Royal Australian Air Force launches General Purpose Uniform

RAAF New General Purpose Uniform, looks smart and is clearly identifiable from Navy and Army.

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Media Release

Media Release

1 March 2014

Air Force   launches General Purpose Uniform

RAAF-General Purpose UniformThe new Royal Australian Air Force General   Purpose Uniform (GPU) was launched today at the Centenary of Military   Aviation Airshow at RAAF Williams – Point Cook.

The dark blue and metal grey uniform was officially launched by Chief of Air   Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown, AO, who said Point Cook, the historical   birthplace of the RAAF, was a fitting location to launch the GPU .

“The purpose of the GPU is to provide a unique and easily identifiable Air   Force presence to the Australian Defence and civilian communities, consistent   with the Air Force’s distinctive identity and still effective in meeting our   service requirements,” AIRMSHL Brown said.

“The new uniform will begin, from today, to replace the current camouflage   uniform, also worn by Army, for general base duties and in non-warlike   environments such as humanitarian tasks and Defence assistance to the civil   community.”

Introduction of the Air Force GPU will be cost neutral over the long term due   to uniform production changes, depletion of existing stocks and reforms to   standard equipment issue. The new Air Force GPU is less expensive than the   current Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform (DPCU) issued to Air Force   personnel as it does not have the same camouflage requirements for warlike   conditions.

Existing Air Force DPCU production will be reduced and replaced by production   of the GPU. It is planned that all Air Force personnel will be issued with a   mix of camouflage uniforms and GPUs by the end of 2015.

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Q & A

Why a blue camouflage pattern for Air Force

The GPU   is to be worn for general purposes only and is not intended for camouflage.   The blue and grey colours selected for GPU reflect Air Force colours. These   colours are seen daily in our Service Dress uniforms, our Ensign, and in the   airframes and airfields we use every day. It will provide Air Force with an   appropriate work uniform which distinctly identifies Air Force members.

Why has the particular pattern been chosen?

The   pattern and colour combination were carefully selected from a number of   options. The pattern is an Air Force specific version of the Australian   MultiCam Pattern (AMP) already in-use in Afghanistan. The colours chosen for   the GPU represent the same colours we work with every day: our SD uniform,   our Ensign, and the airframes and airfields. GPU provides a unique identity   that will stand Air Force personnel apart from Army and Navy, while   maintaining Air Force’s identity as part of the Australian Defence Force.

What are the costs associated with the GPU?

Introduction   of the Air Force GPU will be cost neutral over the long term, due to uniform   production changes, depletion of existing stocks, and reforms to standard   equipment issue. Existing Air Force Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform   (DPCU) production will be reduced and replaced by production of the GPU.

Will GPU be worn as our dress of the day?

The GPU   will replace DPCU as ‘dress of the day’ for general base duties and in   non-warlike operational environments, such as humanitarian assistance   operations. The exception to this will be where other types of specialist   working dress are provided for specific musterings or categories such as   aircrew, cooks and Ground Defence personnel.

Service   Dress remains the most appropriate form of dress in a number of   circumstances, including all representational and ceremonial activities.   Service Dress will continue to be the ‘dress of the day’ in Air Force   Headquarters.

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