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Dear members and readers looking for adventure on the high seas and a bit of relaxingand wind down, well Bruce the Davey family and the crew of Wildcard Luxury Cruises will take you on an adventure of your life. We highly recommend Wildcard Luxury Cruises
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Bruce: Ship Master FV Wildcard, Simply put, Bruce loves the ocean. As a third generation fisherman, he has more saltwater in his veins than he has red blood cells!

Lucky for Bruce he started young, as a 16 year old. Then he moved on to professional Barra fishing, when coincidentally he also ‘caught’ his beautiful wife, Juanita. Now Bruce specialises in the less invasive form of line caught Spanish Mackerel fishing.



For eight months of the year the Davey family and Wildcard are primary producers of the finest line caught

Spanish Mackerel on the Australian Market, branded as Wildcard Wildcaught. Bruce wants to take you on a ride you will never forget; filled with crazy quotes, tall stories, some history, fascinating legends and raucous laughter.

For Bruce and his crew, being at sea for months on end can be a lonely existence, which is where you come in! Once aboard Wildcard you’ll become like a surrogate family, invariably forging lifelong relationships with the Davey family and of course other guests..

Documentary: Drawing The Line

Bruce’s passion for the ocean recently saw him produce the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Drawing The Line’ to help get this message out Bruce has now released his documentary free on Youtube.

Well here is the video:

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