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Dear reader’s and visitors to the RAAFA Cairns website, looking for specialist in Signs Printwork or any thing that you can imagine in industry they are right on your doorstep, highly skilled and move along with modern technology while maintaining the old business values that seemed to be lost these day in many businesses.

We highly recommend Expressway Signs & Printworks one hundred percent and support their every endeavor now and in the future, looking for a business that have retained the old business values, and are at the very top end of the latest technology of their industry and continue to excel Expressway Signs & Printworks is that industry, well head on over to their website.

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For upwards of 37 years, Expressway Signs & Printworks has been regarded as the premier supplier to Far North Queensland and PNG for all manner of signage and printing. From business cards to the largest of pylons, Expressway Signs & Printworks produces all types of design, manufacturing and installation in house. Expressway Signs & Printworks has been there and done it! Expressway Signs & Printworks continues to forge ahead supplying the market with innovative and efficient solutions.

Our Promise:Our Promis

Look better, Last longer, Cost less

When it comes to signs and printing, Expressway Signs & Printworks doesn’t limit its design team or its customers to certain sizes, shapes, or colors because we know you need everything at your disposal to stand out from the crowd. We can do whatever you need in order to make your business look first-rate. We have it all for your projects, no matter how big or small they may be and no matter your location.

Our goal is to enhance the unique characteristics of your company with our signage. With over 36 years of experience creating and manufacturing, we know that quality materials and good workmanship are the foundation for beautiful, durable products. We only use materials that are backed up with a manufacturer’s written warranty and always protect those materials with an appropriate laminate or coating.

Unless requested not to, Expressway Signs & Printworks will always overlaminate digital vinyl prints and always coat composite aluminium with a polyurethane protective coating. We do this to make sure that your signs maintain their youth for the maximum amount of time even in the harsh Queensland weather.

These are only a few of the ways that Expressway Signs & Printworks keeps our promise to offer our clients the best product for the best price. Just let us know what you want your signage to do for your company, and we will create signs that do all that and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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