Social Events And Full Program 2015

Notice for all members the new Social Events and Full Program 2015 is available online, head on down to the link click on it and you have it, included on this page is our social events for 2015.

RAAFA Cairns Branch 2015 Program as @ 31 May 2015

“Note” for all Members please check this site if you were not present at a monthly meeting prior to a social event for any changes to the venue. PS as a reminder please confirm your attendance with one of the branch executives 24 hrs; prior to the event for catering and seating arrangements. 

Social Events:

February – Social: Wednesday 11th Casual Dress Edge Hill Tavern lunch – meet at 1200hrs.

May – Social: Wednesday 13th Casual Dress at the TAFE tropic restraint for lunch – meet at 1200hrs.

June – Social; Wednesday 10th Casual Dress Balaclava Grassers Restaurant Lunch – meet at 1200hrs.

July – Social: Wednesday 8th Brothers Lunch Meet at 1130hrs.

October – Social: Wednesday 14th Casual Dress Lunch Dunwoody’s on Sheridan Street Meet at 1200hrs.