Branch Application Form

Branch Application Forms; after completion and the details have been certified IAW the RAAFA Constitution and By Laws, you should either hand it to the secretary if you are at a meeting or alternatively contact one of the branch executives for a postal address, both versions of the application are provided for your convenience, electronic version and the standard form, please remember to attach all supporting documentation when posting or emailing on forward it to the email address or the postal address you have obtained from one of our executives: clicks on the link below for a printable or electronic version of the application.

Our Email Address:

Instructions for the Standard Application:

Click on the link and save it to your desktop or print the PDF form you will need a pen to fill it in, If you are emailing it you will have to scan it and attach it as a; JPG or PDF to your email along with your supporting documents.  

RAAFA Cairns Standard Applacation Form

Instructions for the Electronic Application:

Simply click on the link at the bottom right side of the e-application form at this point; you have too options; you can simply enter the information in the fields and send it, or save it to your desktop and enter the information in the required fields, when you are finished E-mail it, same deal just attach it to an email to us along with your supporting documents and you are done, “please remember to save it before you send it if you wish to retain a copy”.

Membership Electronic Application RAAFA CB.PDF

Annual and Half Yearly Subscription: Individual membership (Annual fee: $35.00)

and Subscription  (Half Year fee: $17.50)